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Anonymous • Posted on 3/24/2022 • Praise

For the Holy Spirit to Guide Us, and To Praise Our Lord Jesus Christ For Saving Us! Amen

Anonymous • Posted on 3/23/2022 • Praise

To guide All Believers, to humble us, and bring us all together in prayer

Anonymous • Posted on 3/20/2022 • Salvation

For Deliverance and Salvation for the men, women and children who are un-housed.

Anonymous • Posted on 3/20/2022 • Salvation

Deliverance and Salvation For

Anonymous • Posted on 3/19/2022 • Salvation

Pleas pray for Healing for Calvin G. from Cancer.

Anonymous • Posted on 3/18/2022 • Salvation

Father God I pray for Ukraine to be delivered from the enemy and brought into peace. Father God cause them to Know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. I pray for the children to be safe and with their families. I pray Holy Spirit to send Legions of Angels to watch over them and feed and protect them.
In Jesus name I pray. Amen

Anonymous • Posted on 3/12/2022 • Depression

Father God I want to Pray for anyone struggling with depression right now.
Holy Spirit send Legions of angels to the lost souls, lonely and depressed.
Use us father God to pray for one another and check on our friends and family.
Romans 12: 3 For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is
among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to
think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith.
In Jesus name we pray, Amen

Monicha L. • Posted on 3/11/2022 • Love

Father God thank you for bringing us together in prayer through the Holy Spirit. We want to ask that You deliver Calvin from the cancer in his body. I know You Are a God of Miracles. Holy Spirit surround Calvin with so much love and prayers that his body is healed and restored to perfect health. Father God cause all believers to pray for one an other and to lift each other up through the power of the Holy Spirit. These things I pray in Jesus Name ! Amen

Anonymous • Posted on 3/8/2022 • Career

Father God thank you for this wonderful day to Praise You Lord! Every day we get to Praise You and Thank you and Share You with others.
As we put You 1st in our lives Lord and walk with You, and we see how much more You Love Us and want to Bless Us!
It is that love relationship we have with You Lord that makes us want to give our lives to serving You.
You are the The Living Word we want to build on.
You are the path of life we take.
You are the one we want to spend our every thought on.
It is because of the blood of Christ that we know love at all.
Father God through the Holy Spirit please guide us to that home, that career, that miracle
that we know You have for us. We Pray, Accept, Receive and Believe In Jesus Name Amen! Thank You Jesus, We Love You

Anonymous • Posted on 3/6/2022 • Thanksgiving

Father God Thank You for this day and all the Blessings in it.
Thank You that Your Word IS Honesty, Pure and Truth. Every Word in the Bible Is Real.
Your Word Is The Living Word!
With Out Your Word being ALIVE We would not know The Power Of Deliverance YOU Rescues Us with Still To This Day!
Father God I pray with the Power of the Holy Spirit that You Use Your Love In Me, so that I may Love others through You.
Psalm 140 is a Prayer for Deliverance from Evil Men. You also warn us to be watchful and ready.
You give us Your Holy Angels to watch over us.
Father God Your Truth also says You will Never Leave Us nor Forsake Us . Thank You Lord For the Holy Spirit to Comfort us and to guide us.
If we Honestly come to You with an open heart and pray, we know You will deliver us. You Never Stop Delivering. When a child is born, we say the baby was delivered.
We are all delivered into this world. But not All are delivered from it, to be delivered to our Father in Heaven. So We Who Are Delivered, Must Want To Be Deliverers Of The Living Word. Father God, Make Me A Deliverer Of The Living Word.
Father God I Pray for CCE, To Be Ready Willing And Able To Go And Do What Ever YOU Lead Us To
. Father God please place in our hearts the desires of Your Heart, so that we answer Your Call with Absolute Faith. We know You Are With Us! And We Love YOU!
In Jesus name I Pray, Amen
To God Be The Glory