Active Encouragement




Matthew 24:12-14 – “And because lawlessness will abound,

                           the love of many will grow cold.

                            13 – “But he who endures to the end shall be


                            14 – “And this gospel of the kingdom will be

                           preached in all the world as a witness to all the

                           nations, and then the end will come.


One of the biggest questions we face is…when is Jesus coming back? One of the biggest statements made on a regular basis is…”the world is coming to an end” and it is said because of the situations and circumstances we see commencing all across the globe. Let me tell you something, there’s nothing new happening today that hasn’t happened previously in a different fashion (Ecc. 1:9). We need not focus on the problems but rather look to the Professor of Perfection to point us to succession. A professor is “a teacher of the highest rank in a college or university” (Oxford Language Definition). We’re in this life as students needing correction in every way and in order to graduate and make it into the next semester, we need to listen to what our Teacher is saying instead of trying to figure out why our current state of knowledge isn’t enough to solve our problems. If you continuously look to your problems, that’s what you will have. Stop doing that today and look to the solution which is in Jesus Christ who distributes grace liberally to those who ask in His name. Stop throwing your hands up at the sign of adversity and ask the Lord for the answers to what’s eating you alive from the inside. Through your endurance and continual efforts, the LORD will meet you and provide you with every answer that you have in life through His Son, His Spirit, and His Word. Many times we get discouraged by what we see on TV or what we hear from our neighbors and a lot of times those things will weigh us down without us barely noticing it, then before too long, after it’s too late, we break down and collapse mentally which can translate to depression, anxiety, addiction, hate, rage, anger, bitterness, and many other forms that destroy us and everyone around us. Jesus tells us in this scripture that the love of many will grow cold and that’s what is happening today, we become desensitized from all of the horrific things that occur all across the globe. If we poured just a percentage of thinking, looking, and dwelling into God’s word as we do television, news, politics, and things that bring us worldly pleasure, our lives would be changed dramatically and we would begin to influence those around us without even knowing it just as the negativity and deception spreads so does God’s love for us. It’s hard to hate someone who is smiling at you and it’s hard to be mad at someone who gives you an encouraging thought. Be that change in someone’s life today, let Christ shine through you and be the positivity and hope someone needs to hear today with intentional love in your actions and your words, it’s a choice. Love is a choice. God didn’t have to send His son Jesus to die for us, He chose to because of His love for us. The best part of this scripture is verse 14. Jesus tells us that at the very end of this world ALL will hear the gospel and be given the opportunity to repent (turn from sin) and turn to Him. He doesn’t want to leave anyone out and He wants to give everyone an opportunity to be saved from their ways and get to know Him as they discover their true purpose. If you haven’t given your life to Christ and fell led to after reading this, close your eyes, pray, and just start talking to God, asking Him to send His Spirit to show you your sin, read Psalm 51, and ask Jesus to come into your life today.





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